Privacy Statement – Process-Specific Statement

This information should be read alongside the amsterdam&partners Foundation’s General Privacy Statement.

General Information

We process personal data carefully, securely and in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. The General Privacy Statement of the amsterdam&partners Foundation (Stichting amsterdam&partners) includes our general principles for personal data processing and information on exercising your rights. In this process-specific statement, we provide relevant information on data processing, including its purposes, regarding visitor survey “Kerncijfers Bezoekers 2019”.

This process-specific privacy statement may be updated in response to changes in legislation or other developments. The most recent version of this statement is available on our website The date of the most recent update is recorded below the statement.

Responsible Body

The amsterdam&partners Foundation is the responsible body in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who can be contacted by email at

Personal Data Processing

We process different categories of personal data. The data we process depends on the specific process concerned and on the purpose. This and other relevant information are detailed below.

Visitor survey “Kerncijfers Bezoekers 2019”


The purpose of processing personal data for visitor survey “Kerncijfers Bezoekers 2019” is to provide a complete overview of all visitors to Amsterdam and the metropole region of Amsterdam. Visitors are defined as people that visit Amsterdam or the Amsterdam metropole region outside of their own current living location for leisure or holiday purposes. Information that is collected in visitor survey “Kerncijfers Bezoekers 2019” is only used for statistical analysis and will only be shared with participating partners of amsterdam&partners. Personal information such as name, e-mail address and telephone number will not be shared with third parties.


We process the personal data on the basis of permission.

Personal Data

For this purpose, we process the following personal data:


The personal data will not be processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Storage Period

We do not store your personal data for longer than necessary or for longer than prescribed by the Archives Act. This means that we delete the personal data collected for visitor survey “Kerncijfers Bezoekers 2019” after 6 months after completing the questionnaires.

Exercising rights and making complaints

The General Privacy Statement includes information on your privacy rights and how to exercise them, and on how to lodge a complaint.


If you have questions after reading the General and Specific Privacy Statement, please contact our DPO at

Amsterdam, July 2019